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Greenreleaf is a fictive medical cannabis clinic providing the full service to patients with licence to use medical cannabis but also to their relatives or people interested in learning more about it or consult with a specialist doctor. Name is play of words - green, leaf and relief. It points on its natural origin, botanical image and healing effect.


Cannabis in spite of it is medical qualities and historical use is often perceived in pejorative way. This has roots in the time of prohibition in 1920 and later on in 1960 when it was associated with hippie generation. Looking at how cannabis has been branded or what kind of campaigns has been launched against it leaves you with a feeling that this is a very dangerous drug, something that make people stoned and outlaws. A lot of manipulative stereotypes is being used. 


One of the goals of Greenrelaf project is to remove these stereotypes from cannabis and to present it as medicine, natural plant with broad healing and medical effects, something that helps to people. Inspired by the pharmaceutical branding Greenreleaf design is minimalistic and clean. It uses the symbol of cannabis leave but in rather abstract form. It keeps the green colour but in combination with white to stress the medical aspect. It uses the image of a doctor in a white robe to show there is no need of fear. 


Part of the project is also design of mobile app called Greenreleaf. App is for patients, explorers and doctors. App is user friendly and enables to learn more about different strains and their effects, to find the right strains for particular problem, to find doctor nearby and to consult the use, to order strains for patient with home delivery etc. The visual identity of the app is based on Greenreleaf branding project. 

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